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Our sister concern, M/s.Sentinel Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., has built its reputation in the field of Fire/Flame Detection Systems, Alarm Systems and Security Systems. M/s. Sentinel Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., have executed a long list of projects for various clients. The features of one of the biggest systems in Asia installed by M/s. Sentinel Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., at M/s. Reliance Industries Ltd., Hazira, are as under:

1. Total No. of Fire Alarm Panels installed in various Plants: 30 Nos
2.All the Panels are part of a single Network.
3.Repeater Panels: 5 Nos
4.Total Length of Cabling:250 KM (approx)
5.Total No. of Addressable Devices: 8500 Nos(approx)

M/s. Sentinel Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., have the exclusive business relationship with various reputed international manufacturers. For more details, please see Tie-ups . Based on the Technology Tie-ups with the international manufacturers, TECHNOFIRE Group of Companies can provide Consultancy and Installation Services on Turnkey basis for the following areas :

  • Comprehensive Fire Detection & Alarm Systems based on Conventional/Analogue Addressable Detection Devices with optional features of :

    •     Networking solutions involving various Fire Alarm Panels.
    •     Graphic Display.
    •     Public Address System with specific area announcement facility.
    •     Systems Integration covering Access Control, CCTV, Lift Controls,
          Energy Management, and other related systems.

  • Dry Chemical Power Flooding System in Hazardous areas.

  • Halo-Carbons Flooding Systems.

For detailed information on Products, please see Products .


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